Case Consultations

NCLER provides free case consultation assistance for attorneys and professionals seeking more information to help older adults. Topics can include: Advance Planning, Elder Abuse, Guardianship, Health/LTSS, Economic Security, Supported Decision-Making, Consumer Protection, and Housing. Please contact for assistance.

National Legal Training Curriculum

NCLER offers a National Legal Training Curriculum to the legal and aging network. Trainings are offered in eight areas: Health and Long-Term Services and Supports, Economic Security, Advance Planning, Supported Decision-Making, Guardianship. Elder Abuse, Consumer Protection, and Housing. Legal Basics Training occurs on the second Tuesday of the month at 11am PT/2pm ET; Advanced/Hot Topics Training occurs on the third Wednesday of the month at 11am PT/2pm ET. Each basics training is accompanied by a Chapter Summary while an Issue Brief supplements each advanced training. Written materials are available for download below.

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Recent/Upcoming Trainings

WEBINAR: Legal Basics - Debt Collection Protections for Older Consumers

By Emma Messore | NCLER, WEBINAR
Tuesday, February 13th, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. PT/2:00 p.m. ET.

An increasing number of older consumers are struggling with unmanageable debt as Americans carry more credit card, student loan, and other debts into retirement than in past decades. Debt collectors often aggressively pursue older adults to repay debt from fixed incomes.

This free webinar, Legal Basics: Debt Collection Protections for Older Consumers, outlines the issues facing older consumers and offers strategies to help address the challenges. This session will highlight federal protections for older consumers from abusive debt collection practices.

An Issue Brief will be released with the webinar.
A link with access to the captions will be shared through GoToWebinar’s chat box shortly before the webinar start time.

April Kuehnhoff, Staff Attorney, National Consumer Law Center

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WEBINAR: Civil Litigation as a Remedy for Financial Exploitation of Vulnerable Older Adults

By Emma Messore | NCLER, WEBINAR
Wednesday, February 21st, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. PT/2:00 p.m. ET.

The financial exploitation of vulnerable adults is epidemic. While police, prosecutors, and adult protective services offer one course of action, many of these cases end up – or should end up – as civil lawsuits. The procedures for pursuing a civil remedy in these cases often crossover between probate processes and civil actions, and may involve a variety of legal theories. This webinar will cover:

  • Jurisdictional issues
  • Legal theories and remedies
  • Client capacity and vulnerability

This webinar is tailored to experienced civil attorneys serving vulnerable older adults. A recording of a previous webinar detailing the legal basics of financial exploitation is available here.

Closed captioning will be available on this webinar.
A link with access to the captions will be shared through GoToWebinar’s chat box shortly before the webinar start time.

April Kuehnhoff, Staff Attorney, National Consumer Law Center

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Training Library

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Other Resources

NCLER provides practice tips and insight on legal issues to professionals assisting older adults. This information is distributed through our NCLER E-Mail list and available here. Please sign up for the NCLER e-mail list to receive this information.

Legal Services Development

NCLER provides training and technical services to states and programs working to improve legal services development. This resource support is designed to enhance the quality, cost effectiveness, and accessibility of legal assistance and elder rights programs provided to older persons with the greatest social or economic need.

NCLER has produced a two-part webinar series exploring the key aspects of the Legal Assistance Developer (LAD) role and detailing how LADs can significantly strengthen their state’s legal delivery system. In the first webinar, Legal Assistance Developer 101 , presenters explore the LAD role, including how LADs can target legal assistance to those who need it most and how to prioritize the most critical issues for legal help. In Legal Assistance Developer 102 , the presenters take a deeper dive into the LAD’s role in developing Statewide Standards. The webinars are accompanied by an issue brief on Developing State Standards of Delivery (PDF 86kb) and an issue brief on legal Capacity Assessment (PDF 121kb).

In January 2018, NCLER produced an Issue Brief alongside a webinar on Targeting OAA Legal Services to Those in Greatest Need. Read the Issue Brief [link], view the recording [link], and download the slides [link].