Legal Helplines & Phone-Based Services

  • About Legal Helplines and Phone-Based Services

    Legal helplines and phone-based services are a valuable part of the network of legal delivery tools. Legal helplines may perform brief services such as making phone calls, preparing documents, explaining court procedures, making referrals to other programs, or serving as the intake center for a full-service program.

    NCLER is available to provide consultations to legal helpline and phone-based service providers. Contact us at

  • Legal Helplines & Phone-Based Services: Ethics

    Because legal helplines typically provide some form of legal advice, attorneys operating helplines generally must follow their state’s professional rules, even though the services are being provided by phone and in a limited scope setting.

    These resources address many of the issues that helpline providers may face when working with older adults: scope of representation and services, third party callers and conflicts, and capacity concerns.


  • Workflow

    For helpline case management and scalability, defining a workflow can save time and resources. A defined workflow allows new helplines to scale resources and can help an established helpline grow efficiently.


  • Addressing Substantive Legal Issues on Helplines

    The resources in this section can assist providers with providing brief services and information on substantive legal issues that older adults face.

    For our full substantive training library, visit NCLER’s Legal Training page.


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