Legal Assistance Developers

  • About Legal Assistance Developers

    The Older Americans Act (OAA) creates the role of a Legal Assistance Developer (LAD) for each state. The LAD role looks different from state to state, but in all regions, the LAD is an important advocate for legal services, and a strategic connector, working across the network to strengthen the legal services delivery system.

    From advocating for resources critical to legal providers, to helping an older adult find an attorney with proper expertise, the LAD is critical to championing the rights of older adults and ensuring that the vision of OAA legal assistance is fulfilled.

    NCLER provides consultations and training for state LADs. Request a consultation here.

    If you are an advocate and would like to find out who your state LAD is, contact us at


  • Resources for Legal Assistance Developers

    The LAD role can include many activities, including developing statewide guidelines and capacity assessments for legal services delivery. These resources offer guidance for LADs as they work on these tasks.


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