• Partnerships & Federal Agency Interventions
  • Addressing Associated Legal Issues
  • Criminal Prosecution & Restitution
  • Legal Remedies for Victims
  • Litigation Skills

Navigating Ethical Issues & Complex Situations

  • Mandatory Reporting & Permissive Reporting

    When working with older adults, lawyers may be faced with legal and ethical decisions about when and how to report suspected abuse. In making these decisions, lawyers must balance the ethical need to honor their client’s autonomy with potential legal requirements to intervene. This balance between autonomy and protection is multi-layered, and requires a careful awareness of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct and state reporting laws, as well as a clear grasp of the ethics of counseling clients with diminished capacity. This Section will introduce lawyers to the concept of mandatory and permissive reporting, and provide an overview of the analysis a lawyer should take when determining how to proceed in circumstances of suspected abuse.


Safe Exit